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Slow Fashion Series: Part Four

In Part Four of our Slow Fashion series, we will be highlighting some brands that operate with an ethical model, so that you can choose to spend your hard earned money with companies that are making ethical choices. Again, I am not an advocate of saying that every single item you purchase should be from an ethical brand (although perhaps in a perfect world, that would be ideal), but I firmly believe even if you choose to make one purchase a year from one of these brands (or other similar ones), instead of a Fast Fashion retailer, you will still be making a difference. Every purchase counts. First off, we have Everlane. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably...

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Slow Fashion Series: Part Three

Part Three of our Slow Fashion series is going to focus on where to spend your money wisely, once you have decided that you need to purchase something (take a look at Parts One and Two of the series if you haven’t already). There’s a number of options available to you if you need to shop, but want to make sure you’re making wise purchasing choices, and trying to support the Slow Fashion movement. It’s likely that none of these options will be new to you, but it’s always good to be reminded. Shop Vintage & Thrift. Vintage is defined as anything over 20 years old (so, pre-1998 at this point), and can be bought at your local thrift shop...

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Slow Fashion Series: Part Two

Contributing to the Slow Fashion Movement, and in turn, taking a stance against the Fast Fashion industry is something that we can all do. Ultimately I think it's about trying to break the cycle of constant consumerism, and being more aware of how and where your hard earned dollars are being spent. However, only buying clothing from sustainable and ethical brands may be unrealistic for many people, due to cost, or availability, or any number of other factors. So I would like to propose some tips and ideas for us all to consider, so that we can start making a difference, one day at a time, one purchase at a time. My first tip on how to contribute to the...

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Slow Fashion Series: Part One

I think we’ve all heard of Fast Fashion by now, but what about Slow Fashion? In case you aren’t aware of Fast Fashion, it’s a phrase that defines the part of the fashion industry that is concerned with getting trends off the runway and into the hands of consumers as quickly as possible. It is generally characterized by cheap labor, inexpensive materials, and sub standard workmanship, all in an effort to keep the price point low. Fast Fashion is inherently problematic, as it supports a system that cuts environmental corners to get products out quickly, as well as supporting less than ideal labor conditions in foreign countries. There is so much more to know about Fast Fashion, but I would...

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